An Epic Worldwide Documentary
& Roller Derby Adventure

Mar 2012 29

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Flat Track Around the World Sample from Golden Moon Media on Vimeo.

Meet Juvie Hall, attorney, karaoke lover, and team co-captain of the Guns N Rollers in Portland’s Rose City Rollers roller derby league. Since beginning her derby journey in 2009, Juvie has experienced a major life transformation, from married practicing attorney to divorced freelance editor and roller derby team captain who lives derby practically 24-7. Amazed by the speed, magnitude, and positivity of her life changes, Juvie is setting off to travel the globe in search of the very soul of roller derby. She seeks nothing less than to discover the source of derby’s power to help women completely transform their lives.

Juvie will visit derby leagues in Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Israel, France, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru in search of characters and kindred spirits who can help her distill the essence of roller derby–that certain something that crosses geographic, cultural, and economic boundaries. Getting to know players both on and off the track, she will seek to understand what derby means to each woman she meets and to learn how her international derby sisters are using their own derby experiences to improve their lives and communities.

Three years ago, Juvie would have never considered creating a documentary. Concerns about what other people might think and the hugeness of the mission would have dissuaded her from the project. But now, as Juvie’s personal transformation continues and she negotiates her new and improved reality, nothing is off limits.

Juvie Hall and filmmaker Cynthia Lopez are working with an all-female crew to tell the story of the magic of roller derby through the experiences of women around the globe. Is there some core nugget of derby awesomeness that has the potential to enrich and transform the lives of women everywhere, regardless of age, class, wealth, or geography? Will Juvie discover a way to harness the transformational power of roller derby? Or will she come up empty-handed and have to let go of her dream of derby as a uniting and empowering force for women everywhere? Like all seekers, for Juvie the journey will be just as important as finding what she seeks.

This documentary aims to inspire women everywhere to start their own left-turn adventure with courage and confidence, whether on or off the flat track.