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Jun 2012 23

Up, Up and Away!

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Today begins the first leg of the Flat Track Around the World epic journey—our expedition to Mexico!  We have dreamed; we have planned; we have fretted and rejoiced…and then planned a whole bunch more…and now we’re finally on our way.  After double and triple checks of bags and equipment, we loaded ourselves into a friend’s […]

Mar 2012 29

Update: And away we go!

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Flat Track to Mexico

Things are trucking along in the Flat Track world and we’re busy getting things in order to begin our first epic expedition to Mexico! Today we launched our first fundraising campaign via Kickstarter. We are traveling to Mexico for three weeks in June to skate with and document the leagues in and around Mexico City.

Jan 2012 26

The Epic Quest Details

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World Map

Where in the world will Flat Track Around the World be taking us, you ask? Find out here.

Jan 2012 26

Wow. A lot has been going on in the Flat Track world lately!

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Early Production Meeting

t seems as though I was just a tad overly ambitious with my first Phase One itinerary. Heads more level than mine (ahem…Cynthia…ahem) have informed me that footage and information from 20 countries would result in a Ken Burns-length documentary, which is within neither the budget nor the attention span of the average moviegoer. Therefore, I’ve revised the itinerary …

Nov 2011 02

Phase One of Epic Quest: Make a movie!

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Have Skates Will Travel

Yes, you read that correctly—I’m gonna be a star! Or else, with the help of filmmaker extraordinaire Cynthia Lopez, I’m going to create a poignant, transformative, and inspirational documentary about that certain something that makes roller derby so incredible.