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May 2013 29

Postcards from Dreamland, Episode 5: Dora

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What is Postcards from Dreamland? Postcards from Dreamland is a collection of dreams (from Juvie, Cynthia or anyone else) related to our epic quest. Episode 5: Dora I was in a rocky outdoor area, kind of like in Lord of the Rings. It was night time. I was with a group; we were running away […]

Sep 2012 25

Postcards from Dreamland, Episode 1

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Analysis: Bruce Willis is awesome. Bruce Willis and his dreamtime kids like us. Therefore…

Feb 2012 01

Production Photos, January 2012

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Juvie Hall and Cynthia Lopez on Set, Jan. 2012

The first photos of the filming of Flat Track Around the World.