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Jan 2012 26

Wow. A lot has been going on in the Flat Track world lately!

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Epic Expeditions

It seems as though I was just a tad overly ambitious with my first Phase One itinerary. Heads more level than mine (ahem…Cynthia…ahem) have informed me that footage and information from 20 countries would result in a Ken Burns-length documentary, which is within neither the budget nor the attention span of the average moviegoer. Therefore, I’ve revised the itinerary and selected seven countries that still provide a representative sampling of the global state of women’s roller derby:

  1. Mexico
  2. Peru
  3. Brazil
  4. France
  5. Norway
  6. Singapore
  7. Australia
  8. Israel
  9. Russia


We’ll tackle the itinerary in three Epic Expeditions: 1) Australia/Malaysia; 2) France/Norway; and 3) Mexico/Peru/Brazil. We are pretty excited to have our itinerary finally nailed down and I’ve started reaching out and making contacts with leagues and supporters in these countries. Look out, world—here we come!

Awesome People

We have been fortunate enough to connect with several talented individuals over the last month who are willing to lend their efforts and expertise to the Flat Track movie.

Alison Grayson, creator of the documentary The Love of Beer, is collaborating with us on videography and sound recording. We’re super excited to welcome Alison to our Flat Track Around the World team and we look forward to drinking delicious beer with her all over the world. Check out Alison’s documentary website for more information.

George Moore, of the Portland indie rock band Salty Blackness, is composing and recording original music for the film. Perhaps better known by his derby name, Shreddy Mercury, George is a superstar derby player with Portland Men’s Roller Derby. Check out Shreddy’s band on Facebook here and Portland Men’s Roller Derby here.

Benjamin Doyle, also a derby player with Portland Men’s Roller Derby (under the derby name Speedbump), has created this awesome website for us, which will be chock full of fun and useful content for future members and supporters, not to mention more entertaining blogs and videos by yours truly. Speedbump has been involved with derby and web things practically forever. Check out his website here.

Productive Pre-Production

We’ve been filming. We’ve been networking. We’ve been communicating with sponsors. We’ve been planning and writing and being generally productive. We’ve filmed over a dozen interviews with skaters in Portland, along with several scrimmages, practices, and the Rose City Rollers’ Season Opener bouts. Check out some of our latest production photos here. And…(drumroll, please)…we will soon have a trailer! Check back here soon for the first peek at Flat Track Around the World footage!