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Mar 2012 29

Update: And away we go!

Posted in Project Blog by Juvie

Things are trucking along in the Flat Track world and we’re busy getting things in order to begin our first epic expedition to Mexico!

Today we launched our first fundraising campaign via Kickstarter. We are traveling to Mexico for three weeks in June to skate with and document the leagues in and around Mexico City. We need to raise $7,300 to fund our travel and lodging, purchase production insurance, and to optimize our equipment for international travel. We are super excited about this expedition! It’ll be our first opportunity to explore the global quality of the derby experience and obtain our first international footage for the documentary. It’ll also transform me, Cynthia, and Alison into a lean, mean international documentary team before we set off on the much longer and more arduous expedition to the other eight countries on the itinerary. Please check out our Kickstarter page and support our campaign!

In other news, two weeks ago we launched our official promotional trailer. The trailer gives some background about my personal story and how roller derby is perceived by several players in my league. It also outlines the topics we’ll explore with our international counterparts, including the power of the roller derby community, the uniqueness of the female dynamic on the track, and the magnitude of the tranformative power of the sport. Will I succeed in pulling all this together to discover the soul of roller derby and find a way to harness its power for good all over the world? Only time will tell.