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Feb 2012 14

Project Update

Posted in Project Blog by Juvie

The last couple of weeks have been huge for the project. First, we launched this new and improved website for the documentary. It includes a bunch of information about the project, some special features (like production photos), my blog, and information about how to get involved and support the project. Eventually, it will also include tons of cool stuff for people who sign up to be members, like special video clips.

Second, we released the first clip of official footage! It’s pretty exciting stuff. If you haven’t seen it, check it out: VIDEO! Please share it, like it, spread the word.

Third, I made it onto Rose City’s regional travel team, the Axles of Annihilation! Just this past weekend, Axles (also referred to as AoA) played our first away bout at The Big O, an invitational tournament in Eugene, hosted by the Emerald City Roller Girls. AoA skated away with our first win of the season, handily defeating the Throttle Rockets, a pretty damn good team from Seattle’s Rat City Rollergirls.

The next couple of weeks will be just as awesome. We’ll be releasing an extended trailer for the film. And I’m working on a photo blog documenting my transition from hapless derby noob to budding travel team skater. It’ll be funny, I promise. Stay tuned!