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Feb 2013 14

Postcards from Dreamland, Episode 4: Medicine Man

Posted in Project Blog by Cynthia

What is Postcards from Dreamland?

Postcards from Dreamland is a collection of dreams (from Juvie, Cynthia, or anyone else) related to our epic quest.

Episode 4: Medicine Man

The other night I dreamt that Juvie and I were making our film in a foreign land, a place like Tahiti that is warm and surrounded by water.  We were hanging out after a day of filming in a local restaurant that also felt a little like someone’s home, with dark brown carved wood inside and beautiful plants outside that were turning darker green in the twilight.  It was so home feeling that I was reclining on a loveseat and chatting with Juvie who was sitting nearby.  There were several other people in the room, locals, but we were involved in our own conversation.

A man entered the room.  He was large, both wide and tall, an elder, with a serious look on his face.  He wore something like a loincloth, although with a bit more coverage, and was shirtless.  I knew immediately that he was a shaman.

He was intensely focused on Juvie and I.  He approached Juvie and took out a small tube of “medicine”, which was about the circumference of a lip gloss tube, but longer, and the medicine was slightly goopier than typical lip gloss.  He leaned down and pressed the medicine tube right to the side of Juvie’s nose bridge.  He held it there for a second or two.  I was both unsurprised that he had noticed and immediately approached Juvie, and relieved that he seemed to not notice me at all.

Then he turned his head to look at me, and his gaze pierced me.  I knew that I would be receiving some medicine as well.  He proceeded to press the medicine tube all over my face, holding for a second at a time, all at points that felt really good – maybe acupuncture points.  He finished with a final pressing to the side of my nose bridge.

I could tell I was starting to wake up at this point, and he could tell, too.  He had to speak fast.  He said, “June 14 of ‘14”.  I knew I was supposed to remember that date for some reason.  He was there to give us medicine, but also to share that information.


Let’s have a party celebrating the completion of Flat Track Around the World on June 14, 2014!

  • Eieior

    Awesome dream!  I am looking forward to 6/14/14!