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May 2013 29

Postcards from Dreamland, Episode 5: Dora

Posted in Project Blog by Juvie

What is Postcards from Dreamland?

Postcards from Dreamland is a collection of dreams (from Juvie, Cynthia or anyone else) related to our epic quest.

Episode 5: Dora

I was in a rocky outdoor area, kind of like in Lord of the Rings. It was night time. I was with a group; we were running away from something or some force, questing in some way, but it was unclear. For some reason I was the leader – the group was there for/with me. We were looking for and expected to have an ally in Wonder Woman, but when we found her atop a rocky outcropping, she’d been turned into a vampire and was our enemy. We fled from her and her wolves. We got scattered. A golden fairy-type creature directed me to a cave, where I escaped from the evil Wonder Woman.

Inside the cave, I was transported to a house, which I knew to be my house. I knew my group of friends (including Wolverine and other superhero types) were in the kitchen, but I was in the living/dining area with several people I didn’t know. They appeared to be investigating something. I spoke with the woman in charge and told her there was a well-documented history of a portal existing in one of the walls. She said she already knew. Then the people packed up and left the house.

Shortly thereafter, a “door” appeared in the same wall, but in a different place than where I knew the previous portal had been. Through it came a short-ish, slightly frumpy white woman with fluffy/kinky chin-length black hair and black-rimmed glasses. She smiled at me, but I couldn’t tell if she was friend or enemy. I was very afraid of her. I yelled to my friends in the kitchen, “She’s here! Dora’s in here!!” I realized then that she was the force we were running from at the beginning of the dream.

Dora just laughed quietly and said my friends couldn’t hear me. She’d suspended us in a time bubble. The room had taken on a pinkish/reddish electric hue and, though it had previously been midday, it was suddenly night time outside the windows.

Dora walked toward me and my laptop, which was sitting on a table nearby, began to spark and smoke as she drew closer. I was horrified; I knew the laptop somehow contained my entire past, my entire identity. I was terrified, sick with panic at possibly losing my whole self.

I screamed, “No!! Why are you doing this?!”

“You need to move on,” she said.

“Why do I have to destroy everything to move on?” I asked, despairing.

She didn’t say anything, but suddenly she was holding my laptop open in front of me and photos of my life scrolled across the screen. It was my life, but not MY life. (I knew in the dream that these were my memories, but they weren’t things I’ve ever done in real life – like hanging out with David Bowie.)  I knew she was showing me these things in one last purge and that whether I liked it or not, they were all going to be gone. I had to let them all go and I would never see them or remember them again. Nothing of me would remain.

But then Dora said, “You have a purpose and you’ve gotten off track. You need to remember. You need to move past these things and get to it.” I knew she was right, but I felt only intense grief and confusion about what to do next.


Neither Wonder Woman nor technology are to be trusted. Doras can appear in unlikely places.