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Oct 2012 29

Postcards from Dreamland, Episode 3: Truck Race in the Mega Church

Posted in Project Blog by Cynthia

What is Postcards from Dreamland?

Postcards from Dreamland is a collection of dreams (from Juvie, Cynthia, or anyone else) related to our epic quest.

Episode 3: The Mega Church

Last night, I dreamt that I was roller skating with other people around a vast and complicated track that wound its way through many rooms in an immense, modern mega church.  The church contained tons of different types of spaces, including a hippy lounge area, a kitchen/eatery, and spot where spectators could watch you skate on the church track, near a dangerous curve where people tended to crash when they were racing.  The skating that was going on was “about” Flat Track Around the World, this was understood by everyone, but nothing else in the dream seemed related to the film.

Sometimes people raced vintage pickup trucks around the track instead of skating.  I got into a pretty intense truck race with a grizzled older fellow who was attired in white undershirt, suspenders, and old jeans.  A grandpa figure.  It looked like he was going to beat me, so I accelerated and I knew I wouldn’t make the turn.  I crashed into the wall but it didn’t turn out to matter, I kept going around.


Yoda would probably say that walls are not walls at all.  Also, maybe mega churches should consider adding flat tracks.