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Sep 2012 25

Postcards from Dreamland, Episode 1

Posted in Project Blog by Cynthia

What is Postcards from Dreamland?

Postcards from Dreamland is a collection of dreams (from Juvie, Cynthia, or anyone else) related to our epic quest.

Episode 1

Last night I dreamt that Juvie and I were in New York City for some sort of work on our project.  We ate at teeny tiny hobbit-sized restaurants, with mattresses as seats, with really expensive food – y’know, like they do in New York.

At one point, we were on a bus and I spotted Bruce Willis sitting across from us in the back of the bus.  His hair was crazy, he was coming from a movie set.  I totally love him, but I didn’t acknowledge him because I felt he should have peace on the bus.  But he took a liking to Juvie and I.  It turns out he was on his way to pick up his kid from school, so we went with him.  Then we went home with him and met his other kids and became friends with his kids (4 to 5 kids, ranging in age from 6-11) as if we weren’t adults at all, but his kids’ age.  We stayed outside his house to play with them.


Bruce Willis is awesome.  Bruce Willis and his dreamtime kids like us.  Therefore, frogs.


  • Davidalbam27

    i think i like your dream…yes i do