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Dec 2013 03

It’s Time for an Adventure!

Posted in Project Blog by Juvie

It’s been quite a while since my last post, and even longer since I last traveled to skate with an international roller derby league. And by golly, it’s just high time to get on with it! So, I’M OFF TO SOUTH AFRICA!! Like, next week. No joke.

On December 9 I fly out to Johannesburg, South Africa, to skate with the C-Max Roller Derby League for about three weeks. Then I’ll head down to Cape Town to skate with the Cape Town Rollergirls for another week. I hope to make it over to skate with the ladies of Durban Derby, as well, but we’ll see. South Africa is a big country!

Getting back to the roots of Flat Track Around the World, I’ll be flying solo on this expedition. It’ll just be me, my skates and my wits…and happily, a few dozen of my roller derby sisters in South Africa. I’ll be blogging the trip as best I can, so please stay tuned for those posts! I’ll also have a small camera and I hope to be able to post short videos from the road.

After a year and half of effort, the funding needed for the big documentary just wasn’t coming together (unless I was willing to sell the idea to reality TV show producers, which…thanks, but no thanks, Los Angeles!). On the flip side, roller derby is continuing to grow and change lives around the world and the mission is too important to let languish. I decided I shouldn’t wait another minute to go out and explore the cutting edge of the derby-fueled revolution, even if I only had the budget to go alone. So, I’m going it alone.

This expedition probably (definitely) won’t be as glamourous as what you’re used to seeing from Flat Track Around the World, and I will miss all the hair stylists and wardrobe persons (in my imagination). But I’m going to South Africa. To play roller derby. With people who live and play roller derby in South Africa. I will tell you all about it. Really, what more could a girl ask for?