An Epic Worldwide Documentary
& Roller Derby Adventure

A Documentary Series About the Power of Women’s Roller Derby to Change Lives Around the World

Flat Track Around The World is a documentary series exploring the transformational power of the world’s fastest-growing sport: women’s roller derby. In only seven years, derby has exploded from a handful of leagues in the U.S. to 1300 leagues in 40 countries. Women the world over are choosing to defy traditional institutions and buck convention to play derby, and many are finding it to be profoundly life-changing.

This series, co-produced by derby player Juvie Hall and filmmaker Cynthia J. Lopez, takes viewers on an epic world-wide roller derby adventure to several diverse countries to explore the heart of this global movement. With Juvie acting as our insider guide, and informed by her own dramatic derby-related transformation, the series explores the derby experience across cultures through the stories of women around the world whose lives and communities have been impacted by derby.

While following these women as they either blossom or struggle through their life transformations, the series also examines what it means to be a woman in the world today. As the women navigate their derby experiences in their societies, their stories highlight women’s issues around the world, including gender equality and identity, body image, personal power and authenticity, and social and cultural ideas about women’s roles.  Each of the women’s personal transformations provide clues for addressing these issues for future generations.

Flat Track Around The World is an inspirational series showcasing the beauty, power and courage of women, both on and off the track. The world of the fast-paced, hard-hitting sport of women’s roller derby is a model for creating more tolerant, vibrant and inclusive communities and the astounding growth of these communities gives skaters and non-skaters alike hope for a better tomorrow.

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Feb 2012 01

Production Photos, January 2012

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Juvie Hall and Cynthia Lopez on Set, Jan. 2012

The first photos of the filming of Flat Track Around the World.

Feb 2012 01

Flat Track Around the World Releases First Video Clip

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Flat Track Around the World Early Footage

Check out the first glimpse of Flat Track Around the World footage!

Jan 2012 31

Press Release

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Juvie Hall - Have Skates, Will Travel


Portland, OR January 31, 2012 – Guns N’ Rollers team captain Juvie Hall has begun production on a documentary about the global transformative power of women’s flat track roller derby. Ms. Hall is collaborating with Portland filmmaker Cynthia Lopez and an all-female film crew to tell the story of the international women’s roller derby community.

Jan 2012 26

The Epic Quest Details

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World Map

Where in the world will Flat Track Around the World be taking us, you ask? Find out here.

Jan 2012 26

Wow. A lot has been going on in the Flat Track world lately!

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Early Production Meeting

t seems as though I was just a tad overly ambitious with my first Phase One itinerary. Heads more level than mine (ahem…Cynthia…ahem) have informed me that footage and information from 20 countries would result in a Ken Burns-length documentary, which is within neither the budget nor the attention span of the average moviegoer. Therefore, I’ve revised the itinerary …

Nov 2011 02

Phase One of Epic Quest: Make a movie!

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Have Skates Will Travel

Yes, you read that correctly—I’m gonna be a star! Or else, with the help of filmmaker extraordinaire Cynthia Lopez, I’m going to create a poignant, transformative, and inspirational documentary about that certain something that makes roller derby so incredible.

Sep 2011 22

Born on the 4th of July

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Juvie Hall on the Flat Track

July 4, 2009: the day I was birthed into my new derby way of life. I remember it like it was, well, kind of a long time ago. (A lot has happened since then, okay?) What I do remember is that, like an actual birth, my derby birth was hot, sticky, kinda gross, and full of uncertainty.

Sep 2011 15

Roller Derby on Post Secret

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Graphic from Derby Secrets on PostSecret

Check out the roller derby-related secret posted this week on Postsecret. The heart of Flat Track Around the World is to encourage women like the secret author to give derby a shot. I hope she goes for it!

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