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Sep 2013 04

Fundraiser Update, and Exciting News for Flat Track!

Posted in In the News by Cynthia

Hello friends!  We want to let you in on some exciting news. But first, an update!

 July 25 “Paint the World Derby” Fundraiser Upate

Let’s just say that not only did we raise some funds to put toward our goal of making a fantastic documentary series, but we also sang, danced, and basically had an amazing amount of fun with all who attended.  We don’t have the funds to set forth internationally quite yet, but we are diligently working on our plan to bring the series to fruition.  Namely:


Yes, that’s right!  As part of our strategy for producing Flat Track Around the World as a documentary series, we must present it to various networks, TV executives, and production companies who can help us not only create the material, but also make sure it is broadcast to a wide audience.

We are traveling to L.A. September 15-19 to participate in a documentary and reality show conference called Westdoc. The conference includes a lot of education about how to navigate the world of TV, as well as meetings and panels with network folks, and of course meeting new friends and colleagues.

But Wait, There’s More!

Pitchfest is part of the Westdoc conference.  It is a competitive pitching event and the competition is fierce to get in. WE WERE CHOSEN TO BE ONE OF TWELVE PROJECTS TO PITCH AT THE EVENT! If we win, we’ll get over $10k in cash and prizes for the project and whether we win or not, we’ll be getting invaluable direct feedback from development executives at networks and companies like Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Warner Brothers International. So, even though we know we’re gonna win, please wish us luck! The competitive pitch takes place on September 18.

Your Contributions are Now Tax Deductible!

Thanks to our new fiscal sponsor, the Collaborative Arts and Culture Foundation, we can accept donations that are tax deductible.  This is a foundation with a wonderful mission and we are really honored by their support.  Please let us know if you wish to donate to the project, and we’ll send you the information about how to make it tax deductible.

Our sponsors are, yes, still incredible!!

Who has joined the Flat Track team?  Thank you for asking!  Here are some of our amazing sponsors.  The list keeps growing!

  • Wild Carrot
  • Full Sail Brewing
  • MaMere’s B & B
  • New Deal Vodka
  • Cogflower Creative
  • Mother’s Bistro
  • Coca’s Foot Fix
  • Missionary Chocolates
  • The Modern Relationship Expert
  • Jolie Guillebeau
  • Chris Guillebeau
  • Paulie Heisel Personal Training
  • Popina Swimwear
  • The Mattress Lot
  • Lotus Lantern Healing Arts
  • Doug Neil, The Graphic Recorder
  • Riedell Skates
  • Rebecca Shapiro
  • The Portland Tarot
  • Michelle Jones
  • Magic Pony Power Hour
  • @Large Films
  • The Cruz Room
  • The Karaoke Kings
  • DJ Agent Meow
  • Botjoy/Gary Hirsch

And our volunteers?  The most fantastic people ever!

  • Loulie Brown
  • Melissa Cannon
  • Kate O’Brien
  • Jodi Barasa
  • Frank O’Brien
  • Nancy Levenson
  • Jefferson Lee
  • Daniel Wasil
  • Ellen Bergstone
  • Shane Stranahan
  • Marcus Kaneshiro
  • Joy Olivera
  • Jenni Dotson

More to come…

Thanks for reading and stay tuned… we can’t wait to fill you in on our adventure in L.A.!

Juvie & Cynthia