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May 2012 02

Kickstarter Success!

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Flat Track Mexico Trip Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Thanks to our supporters, our Kickstarter campaign was a HUGE success!

Apr 2012 27

Derby Deeds Project Update

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After our smashing Kickstarter success we rejoined Megatron for a project update on Derby Deeds. Tune in at 56 minutes to hear about our next steps! Project update on Derby Deeds    

Apr 2012 15

Meet the Filmmakers – April 20th

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If you’re in the Portland area this Friday, April 20th, please join Juvie and Cynthia at one of the awesomest events of the year: The Guns ‘N’ Rollers’ Annual Party! In addition to mingling with all the hard-rockin’ ladies of Juvie’s team, the Guns ‘N’ Rollers, there will be LIVE karaoke, a free photo booth, raffles, and […]

Mar 2012 29

Update: And away we go!

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Flat Track to Mexico

Things are trucking along in the Flat Track world and we’re busy getting things in order to begin our first epic expedition to Mexico! Today we launched our first fundraising campaign via Kickstarter. We are traveling to Mexico for three weeks in June to skate with and document the leagues in and around Mexico City.

Mar 2012 29

Kickstart Our Expedition to Mexico!

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Flat Track on Kickstarter

All aboard the Flat Track train to Mexico! Please support the first of our epic expeditions via our brand new Kickstarter campaign!

Mar 2012 29

Trailer Released

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Flat Track Around the World Promotional Trailer Screencap

Will Juvie discover a way to harness the transformational power of roller derby? Or will she come up empty-handed and have to let go of her dream of derby as a uniting and empowering force for women everywhere? This documentary aims to inspire women everywhere to start their own left-turn adventure with courage and confidence, whether on or off the flat track.

Feb 2012 14

Project Update

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Flat Track World Logo

The last couple of weeks have been huge for the project. First, we launched this new and improved website for the documentary. It includes a bunch of information about the project, some special features (like production photos), my blog, and information about how to get involved and support the project.

Feb 2012 01

Flat Track Around the World Releases First Video Clip

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Flat Track Around the World Early Footage

Check out the first glimpse of Flat Track Around the World footage!

Jan 2012 26

Wow. A lot has been going on in the Flat Track world lately!

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Early Production Meeting

t seems as though I was just a tad overly ambitious with my first Phase One itinerary. Heads more level than mine (ahem…Cynthia…ahem) have informed me that footage and information from 20 countries would result in a Ken Burns-length documentary, which is within neither the budget nor the attention span of the average moviegoer. Therefore, I’ve revised the itinerary …

Nov 2011 02

Phase One of Epic Quest: Make a movie!

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Have Skates Will Travel

Yes, you read that correctly—I’m gonna be a star! Or else, with the help of filmmaker extraordinaire Cynthia Lopez, I’m going to create a poignant, transformative, and inspirational documentary about that certain something that makes roller derby so incredible.

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