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Dec 2013 18

Letter to the U.S. Embassy in South Africa

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Hello Laura, Thank you so much for chatting with me earlier today. I’m a roller derby player and lawyer from the U.S. visiting South Africa for a month. I recently learned of the ZAZI campaign here in South Africa (http://www.zazi.orgl) and I was immediately struck by its connection to roller derby. The campaign is designed […]

Sep 2013 04

Fundraiser Update, and Exciting News for Flat Track!

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Flat Track Sample Screening at Fundraiser in July 2013

Hello friends!  We want to let you in on some exciting news. But first, an update!  July 25 “Paint the World Derby” Fundraiser Upate Let’s just say that not only did we raise some funds to put toward our goal of making a fantastic documentary series, but we also sang, danced, and basically had an […]

Mar 2013 28

TEDx Talk = Great Success!

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Once upon a time, in TEDx land… We finally gave our TEDx talk last Saturday, after months and months of preparation. What a crazy roller coaster adventure. In trying to craft just the right talk we pulled our hair out, drank too much coffee, laughed, cried, flipped tables, and lost lots of sleep. We enlisted friends, acquaintances […]

Jan 2013 08

TEDx talk? Us? Why, of course!

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We are very happy and honored to announce that we’ll be giving a TEDx talk about Flat Track Around the World, journeys, magic, myth, transformation, and maybe a little Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Join us at Concordia University Portland on March 23rd, 2013 to hear our musings and receive untold inspiration from the other 19 […]

Jul 2012 29

In One Day Radio Interview

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Jenny and Sean, of In One Day Radio, interviewed Juvie and Cynthia over a nice cold beer. Hilarity ensued! Check it out here: In One Day Radio  

Jun 2012 08

Flat Track Around the World in the Oregonian

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Ready for the voyage

The Oregonian’s film writer, Shawn Levy, wrote a piece about our project that was published on the front page of the Living section as well as the Oregonian’s film blog. Here ’tis: Flat Track Around the World Oregonian article  

May 2012 23

Press Release #2

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Ready for the voyage

Flat Track Around the World PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OREGON ROLLER DERBY PLAYER EMBARKS ON INTERNATIONAL EMPOWERMENT DOCUMENTARY Portland, OR May 23, 2012 – Next month, Juvie Hall, co-captain of the Guns N’ Rollers, a Portland women’s roller derby team, begins international production on Flat Track Around the World, a documentary about the globally […]

Apr 2012 20

Interview on Derby Deeds Podcast

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On April 20, 2012, we were interviewed by the delightful Megatron on the Derby Deeds Podcast. Check in at 1:29 to hear our interview and a following discussion of the project by Megatron, Val Capone, and Dumptruck! Flat Track Around the World on Derby Deeds!  

Apr 2012 19

Flat Track Around the World on Derbylife

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Derbylife, a Derby News Network and Five on Five magazine joint website dedicated to the exploration of the derby experience kindly reposted our letter to their editors about the film. Read the letter here: Letter to Derbylife.  

Apr 2012 16

Flat Track Around the World is part of Women Center Stage

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Flat Track on Kickstarter

We are so honored and pleased to share with you that Flat Track Around the World has been included in Kickstarter’s Women Center Stage initiative. Women Center Stage is committed to supporting and promoting artistic work by and about women and had this to say about our film: “We don’t know a lot about derby, but this film could […]

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