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Jun 2013 27

Reinventing a Paradigm: Guest post by Roarshock Tess

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First, a disclaimer. Roller derby, contrary to popular belief, is not a group of butch lesbians who drink all day, listen to punk music, and slide tackle each other on the track. We are athletes. Strong, smart, diverse, and forces to be reckoned with on and off the track. I happen to be a social […]

Jun 2013 25

Demolition Derby at TEDx: The Script

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Demolition Derby:  Better Living Through Personal Apocalypse Flat Track Around the World Juvie Hall & Cynthia J. Lopez TEDxConcordiaUPortland March 23, 2013 CYNTHIA: Once upon a time, on planet earth, in a time really not so long ago, one woman set out upon an epic adventure.  It was a quest of the gravest importance, a […]