An Epic Worldwide Documentary
& Roller Derby Adventure

A Documentary Series About the Power of Women’s Roller Derby to Change Lives Around the World

Flat Track Around The World is a documentary series exploring the transformational power of the world’s fastest-growing sport: women’s roller derby. In only seven years, derby has exploded from a handful of leagues in the U.S. to 1300 leagues in 40 countries. Women the world over are choosing to defy traditional institutions and buck convention to play derby, and many are finding it to be profoundly life-changing.

This series, co-produced by derby player Juvie Hall and filmmaker Cynthia J. Lopez, takes viewers on an epic world-wide roller derby adventure to several diverse countries to explore the heart of this global movement. With Juvie acting as our insider guide, and informed by her own dramatic derby-related transformation, the series explores the derby experience across cultures through the stories of women around the world whose lives and communities have been impacted by derby.

While following these women as they either blossom or struggle through their life transformations, the series also examines what it means to be a woman in the world today. As the women navigate their derby experiences in their societies, their stories highlight women’s issues around the world, including gender equality and identity, body image, personal power and authenticity, and social and cultural ideas about women’s roles.  Each of the women’s personal transformations provide clues for addressing these issues for future generations.

Flat Track Around The World is an inspirational series showcasing the beauty, power and courage of women, both on and off the track. The world of the fast-paced, hard-hitting sport of women’s roller derby is a model for creating more tolerant, vibrant and inclusive communities and the astounding growth of these communities gives skaters and non-skaters alike hope for a better tomorrow.

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Dec 2013 20

One Woman’s Perspective

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Roller derby is life. It is magic and spirit and clarity. Like anything worth experiencing, though, the magic of roller derby comes with a price. Bouts, of course, are fun and exciting and beautifully showcase the skill in the sport, but the experience of playing roller derby is much more than the excitement of bout […]

Dec 2013 18

Letter to the U.S. Embassy in South Africa

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Hello Laura, Thank you so much for chatting with me earlier today. I’m a roller derby player and lawyer from the U.S. visiting South Africa for a month. I recently learned of the ZAZI campaign here in South Africa (http://www.zazi.orgl) and I was immediately struck by its connection to roller derby. The campaign is designed […]

Dec 2013 15

Post from the Road

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Hello From Johannesburg! The weather has been delightful and the people even delightful-er. I’m staying with one of the coaches and skaters of the C-Max roller derby league, Pippa “Madame Gutterfly” Van Welie. Punctuated by dazzling evening lightning storms and tales of giant spiders (which I have yet to see, thank goddess), we’ve had an […]

Dec 2013 03

It’s Time for an Adventure!

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It’s been quite a while since my last post, and even longer since I last traveled to skate with an international roller derby league. And by golly, it’s just high time to get on with it! So, I’M OFF TO SOUTH AFRICA!! Like, next week. No joke. On December 9 I fly out to Johannesburg, South […]

Sep 2013 04

Fundraiser Update, and Exciting News for Flat Track!

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Flat Track Sample Screening at Fundraiser in July 2013

Hello friends!  We want to let you in on some exciting news. But first, an update!  July 25 “Paint the World Derby” Fundraiser Upate Let’s just say that not only did we raise some funds to put toward our goal of making a fantastic documentary series, but we also sang, danced, and basically had an […]

Jun 2013 27

Reinventing a Paradigm: Guest post by Roarshock Tess

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First, a disclaimer. Roller derby, contrary to popular belief, is not a group of butch lesbians who drink all day, listen to punk music, and slide tackle each other on the track. We are athletes. Strong, smart, diverse, and forces to be reckoned with on and off the track. I happen to be a social […]

Jun 2013 25

Demolition Derby at TEDx: The Script

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Demolition Derby:  Better Living Through Personal Apocalypse Flat Track Around the World Juvie Hall & Cynthia J. Lopez TEDxConcordiaUPortland March 23, 2013 CYNTHIA: Once upon a time, on planet earth, in a time really not so long ago, one woman set out upon an epic adventure.  It was a quest of the gravest importance, a […]

May 2013 29

Postcards from Dreamland, Episode 5: Dora

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What is Postcards from Dreamland? Postcards from Dreamland is a collection of dreams (from Juvie, Cynthia or anyone else) related to our epic quest. Episode 5: Dora I was in a rocky outdoor area, kind of like in Lord of the Rings. It was night time. I was with a group; we were running away […]

Apr 2013 20

Flat Track Around the World TEDx Video: Demolition Derby

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On March 23, 2013, we had the very great honor of speaking at the 2013 TEDx event at Concordia University. The theme of the event was “velocity,” which is a measurement of an object’s speed and direction. We definitely had lots to say about how roller derby can affect the speed and direction of a […]

Mar 2013 28

TEDx Talk = Great Success!

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Once upon a time, in TEDx land… We finally gave our TEDx talk last Saturday, after months and months of preparation. What a crazy roller coaster adventure. In trying to craft just the right talk we pulled our hair out, drank too much coffee, laughed, cried, flipped tables, and lost lots of sleep. We enlisted friends, acquaintances […]

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